About Us

Princess Weddings is built on love. Not just the love between our clients getting married, but the love for our team and the details and work that pours into each and everything we do. We don’t always have the answers but you can bet we will do everything we can to find them…Love is the best work and it’s the work we do really well here at Princess Weddings. We stay humble, honest and hardworking. We are always so grateful.
Our clientele is built on almost 100% referral rate so it’s crucial that each wedding or event be perfect …as there will not be another day or time to fix it.
At Princess Wedding we get one chance to make it right and we guarantee we will make it the most exciting part .
We look forward to meeting with you!!

Yours Truly,
Principal Designer
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  • We provide all in house services
  • Hassle free and well managed  weddings & events
  • Cater to last minute or budget consciousness clients
  • We always provide what we say we are going to do ( above and beyond)
  • Well recognized and respected in the industry
  • Experienced and well trained crew
  • Personalized services,designs and advice
  • Most of all we always create and amazing well taught out, detailed and beautiful event or wedding every time!!